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Nur Muhammadian
Limboto A5 K04 • Kota Malang, 65139
0341 6775 999 • cell: +62.123.456.7890

Telecommunications Engineer with in depth knowledge of GSM communications and software systems
Seeking full-time position with global telecommunications entity. Eager to
bring extensive product and technology knowledge to benefit emerging wireless
communications industry.

Technical Knowledge

GSM | SS7 Networks | ETSI standards | ITU-T Standards | ISUP | Intelligent Networks
Assembler | Solaris | SQL | Unix |Axe Platforms |TDMA |FDMA |Common Channel Signaling

Professional Experience


GSM Satellite Support Engineer
Falls Church, Virginia • 1999-present
Consistently met all deadlines and performance benchmarks through dedicated work over an extended period
Fostered positive, productive relationships with customer engineers and involved entities through singular effort in communication and cooperation
• Singled out for promotion to Verification Manager for Fairfax location

Team Leader of consulting group serving Hughes Network Systems engaged in deployment of large satellite/wireless access network in the Middle East. Working directly with HNS engineers, advised on product specifications of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) node interfaces. Provided expertise on network operations and implementations for 200,000-subscriber switch in the United Arab Emirates that will extend coverage to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe. Delivered and tested all software on the switch in anticipation of a go-live in 2001. Performed acceptance testing and documented findings/results. Performed internal planning and carried out process definition and implementation.

Intelligent Networks Global Customization Coordinator
Dublin, Ireland • 1999
Teamed on development of complete customization process from scratch, initiating existence of Global Customization department for Irish Satellite. Authored documentation and procedures for implementation of a customization process for all IS mobile IN services. Dedicated extensive man-hours over a 4-month period to establish functional entity and participated in several IN service customization pre-studies.

Supply And Support Team Leader • Irish Satellite Prepaid Lite Solution
Dublin, Ireland • 1998-1999
• Successfully implemented product for customers in six different global markets. Carried out an implementation in Serbia, working largely alone under wartime conditions. Completed implementation in location with less than adequate  infrastructure and local support. Met all implementation deadlines and benchmarks.
Led team of up to 3 engineers in supply and support of Irish Satellite prepaid lite solutions. Planned and executed functional system testing of product at customer sites. Assisted Marketing Department through provision of numbers series, tariff structures, and other data for strategic positioning against competing service providers. Trained local companies and colleagues on implementation, features, and functionality as part of technology transfer. Traveled extensively to customer sites in Turkey, Macao, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Serbia, and Zanzibar to provide troubleshooting and implementation of simple and efficient solutions.

Isup Certification Team Leader
Jakarta, Indonesia • 1997-1998
• Played key role in contract award for Ind Satellite to supply network hardware and software for Indonesia's first GSM system. Beat competitors Siemens and Nortel Networks to certification finish line despite need to adjust platform to interface with Ind protocols.
Lead team involved in Integrated Services Digital Network User Part (ISUP) testing and certification of system software for Public Telephone and Telegraph (PTT – Ind publicly owned telco). Troubleshot software and wrote corrections in Assembler. Coordinated and documented software testing.

Engineer In Training
Dublin, Ireland • 1996-1998

Education and Training

Bachelor of Science – Electronic Engineering
University College – Galway, Ireland
Graduated with Honors - 1996

Irish Satellite Engineering Training – 1996-1998


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