Contoh Resume/Curriculum Vitae Sarjana Baru Lulus yang Memiliki Pengalaman Kerja Part Time

Berikut contoh resume/Curriculum Vitae sarjana yang baru lulus dan memiliki pengalaman kerja part time selama kuliah.
Sebagai mahasiswa yang memiliki beraneka aktifitas saat kuliah, Anda bisa mencantumkan beberapa aktifitas yang memiliki nilai jual dalam curriculum vitae.

Bila Anda memiliki beragam aktifitas saat kuliah, dan membutuhkan bantuan untuk mengubahnya menjadi selling point dalam curriculum vitae, silakan hubungi atau kunjungi

Ghos Riter
BA of Marketing with Excellent Selling Experiences
Danau Limboto A5K04, Kota Malang-65139
(+62) 0822 2822 5331|
• Marketing Degree from Michigan State University
• Tom Hopkins Seminar Attendee
• 2 years experienced selling telephone service and publishing materials
• High level of ambition to begin career

Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan March 2015
Earned a bachelor of arts in Marketing in under the prescribed four year course schedule, while financing my own education. My final two years I was totally self-supportive, working an average of thirty hours per week.
Tom Hopkins Seminar
Detroit, Michigan February 10, 2015
The seminar “How to Master the Art of Selling” shall improve my inherent sales abilities. Learning various personnel skills for applicable situations will be an invaluable asset to my career.

United Parcel Service, Lansing, Michigan November 2013 to present
Working at UPS enabled me to earn enough to support myself in school. I earned over $12,000 per year, an impressive accomplishment for a college student. As well, I maintained the highest production average at our Center.
Sprint Telephone Division, Lansing, Michigan 2012
Sold local telephone feature services to the consumer market in Lansing. This experience paved the way for my future career path in sales. After three months at Sprint, I was the sales leader among the part-time college students and enjoyed the interaction with the customer. The only reason I left was to move on to UPS, where the part-time earning potential was greater.
· C/C++ and JAVA NT
· POSIX thread API,Sentinel License Manager and IRIS Performer.
· Installshield, Microsoft Developer Studio, CVS and Make
· WIN32(with Internals), Motif, OpenGL, FOX(Open Source),
· GUI Design, Object Oriented Design and Design Pattern

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